Seat Cover Installation

Tools Required

• Flat Blade Screw Driver • Pliers
• Stanley Knife • Air / Electric / Heavy Duty Staple Gun
• Staples (1/4” or 7 -10mm Staples approx. Heavy Duty Staples.)

1. Remove - Old Seat Cover & Staples

Start off by removing existing seat cover. Ensure all existing staples are removed by using flat blade screw driver to lever up the middle of staples and pliers to pull out any stuck staples.

2. Install - Seat Cover

Start from the front and whilst pulling the seat cover taut install two to three staples at the nose of the seat. Repeat this action with the rear of the seat. Once front and rear have been stapled concentrate on the middle of the seat pulling the cover taut throughout the process before stapling. Tip: Staple approximately every 15mm until the seat cover is secured and completely stapled down.

3. Trim Excess - Seat Cover

Once seat cover has been completely secured and stapled down use a stanley knife to trim off any excess seat cover material that is over hanging. Ensure at least 15 -20mm of material is remaining so staples have enough material to grip.

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